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Let the office help you sign up for FACTS-SIS and the Tuition Management System!

This is actually a very easy process! Mel, Bev or Sherry can help you through this process.

FACTS-SIS gives better management of the whole interaction between the School administration – the teachers – the students – the parents.

Through FACTS a teacher can communicate about how a student is progressing and the parent can check in real-time how their child is doing without the delays that can happen with other forms of communication.

Our office can also use FACTS through this communication process. Grades can be posted in a private – confidential way, again for both the teacher as well as the parent.

GFA is also initiating the Financial Management aspect of FACTS. Through the online interface, all the management of the student’s tuition will be controlled. Payment can be set up totally on the control of the parents: full payment; partial payments; monthly schedules; whatever is the best for each families’ needs. Giving both the parents and the school a better control of the whole process.