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Pre-K and Junior Kindergarten

Pre-school : 3 - 4 Year Old Class

Part Time or Full Time

This class will focus on socialization, beginning language art skills, and beginning math concepts. Learning to share and interact with others is foundational to a child’s development and future success. Cooperation, personal boundaries, and conflict resolution are key skills to teach at this age. Letter, shape, number, and color recognition are also taught using a variety of teaching methods and styles

Junior Kindergarten: 4 – 5 Year Old Class (Pre-K)

Part Time and Full Time

These classes will emphasize phonemic awareness, pre-spelling, handwriting, and number value concepts.  Recognizing and matching a sound with a letter is a key step in learning to read so the class focuses on phonics daily.  Matching a quantity with a number is a basic math skill worked on which then advances into simple addition, patterning, and sequencing.  Handwriting is also a concept highlighted each week in class and then also encouraged to be continued at home with the child’s parents.  We also continue to guide the children through conflict resolution and acceptable social interactions to help ease them into the school years ahead.