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Student Commitment

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Greenleaf Friends Academy is a school that God has designed to help you grow and prepare to serve Him. We want to help you and your parents with your preparation to serve Him.
We agree that if our child should become involved in any trouble with other childrIn general, attendance at GFA is a privilege and requires that you maintain Christian conduct and attitudes in all you do. The rules and guidelines below are designed to ensure that you are successful and happy while enrolled at Greenleaf Friends Academy. Before enrolling, you should make sure you agree to abide by these rules. en in the school we will refrain from complaining to other parents, but in the love of Christ and with prayer, we will register only the necessary complaints with the school.
Have you received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?*
Is it your desire to follow Christ and earnestly try to obey Him in all things?*
Is it your desire to attend GFA?*
Do your parents want you to attend GFA?*

I agree to follow these guidelines while attending Greenleaf Friends Academy:

1. Revere God and His established authority. Respect faculty and staff members.
2. Obey all school regulations.
3. Attend to all announcements and complete class assignments on time and with care.
4. Refrain from use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.
5. Avoid inappropriate relationships with any Gender.
6. Do my best to conduct myself in a manner that will bring honor to God.
7. Abide by school administration’s interpretation and application of existing and evolving school policy.
I have read this student commitment and reviewed the Parent/Student Handbook. I agree to follow the policies set forth in these documents. If I do not follow these guidelines, I understand that I may be liable to provisional enrollment or dismissal from Greenleaf Friends Academy.*
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