Now after many months of hard work, sacrificial giving by many supporters, and negotiations with our insurance company the kitchen is in its final phase! God has brought about such an amazing miracle by His power and people and WE WERE ON THE HOME STRETCH! All that remained were the important appliances necessary to equip this modern and spacious facility. But, as before, we trusted God that as we made our requests known He would make a way! GOOD NEWS!!! $50,000 for the new appliances is now FULLY FUNDED thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor!

We can now focus on the finish! As the home stretch of a 26-mile marathon, there have been major hurdles to overcome, but God has been faithful to help us cross each and every one of them. Praise the Lord for His faithful provisioning. Now, the appliances are fully funded, leaving just the final mile, one more hurdle to go to complete this marathon. Join with us in celebration of the Lord’s generous provision for this ministry!

We hope you are familiar with this project and have been right there with us,  BUT …

Let give you a little history:

Kitchen Project History from 2017



Now We Are Done and Serving Meals!