When the school was established in 1908 it focused on classical truths for moral, intellectual and spiritual benefit. Today the school continues to integrate some Classical Christian Education methods into classroom instruction. This education is based upon a three-part learning model (the Trivium) that allows students to absorb, analyze and articulate at the appropriate ages.

Absorb (Grammar stage) – Collect, memorize and categorize facts
Analyze (Logic stage) – Question relationships between facts, think critically
Articulate (Rhetoric stage) – Develop persuasive arguments and articulate truth.


Middle School


Designing a curriculum and course schedule for the unique needs of the Middle School student is of paramount importance to the middle school faculty.  The dedicated, loyal teachers understand that middle school students are transitioning from the elementary years to the high school years and desire to make the transition smooth.  This goes a long way in helping middle school students succeed in GFA’s rigorous high school prep program.


Paramount to the success of the individual middle school student at GFA is the spiritual emphasis in the classroom with daily devotions and prayer.  Individuals are challenged in their Bible classes and weekly chapels to live life in accordance with the will of God.

“Middle School Home Base”

Home Base is the middle school on campus version of Fourth Week.  Students participate in a camp-like daily schedule that includes chapels, games, activities, and small group sessions. The focus is on connecting with each other on a spiritual, emotional, and social level to create a strong bond of friendship and fellowship.  Relationship with Jesus is central to all Home Base activities.


High School



The Greenleaf Friends Academy High School strives to prepare students for their future. Whether that future is in an institution of higher education, a trade school or the work-a-day world, it is the hope of GFA that graduates will be equipped to do their best and navigate adult life with wisdom and character. With a quality college prep curriculum, strong fine arts and athletic programs, and dedicated certified teachers and coaches, the students at GFA enjoy a fun-filled, challenging, high school education.

Even more important than the college prep curriculum and extra-curricular activities is the spiritual component for the GFA high school student. Beginning with the high school’s annual First Week retreat, the GFA high school student is challenged to live out their relationship with Christ and live for Him fully. Daily devotions in their first-period class, daily Bible class, and weekly Chapel also build a strong foundation for their personal faith that stays with them years after graduating from GFA. 

High School “Fourth Week” Retreat

This innovative opening of school each fall involves all high school students in an intensive program designed to integrate the spiritual, curricular, social, and physical aspects of school life in a special mountain and camp setting at McCall, Idaho’s beautiful Quaker Hill camp.

“FOURTH WEEK” is a unique experience for the 9-12th grade students of Greenleaf Friends Academy. Usually, the week before classes begin, all enrolled GFA high-schoolers pack their bags, load up on buses and are whisked away to the beautiful Quaker Hill Camp and Conference Center in McCall. With hiking, swimming, water sports, whitewater rafting, and more, GFA students experience a high-energy week packed with activity…all the while connecting with each other and deepening their friendships. The spiritual focus of the week is foundational and vibrant, with morning and evening chapels that include music, worship, and dynamic speakers. Every student there is challenged to ignite and grow in their relationship with Christ. It’s an experience all of our high school students look forward to every year!