Meet Our Team


Chris Browne

Head of the School

Wendy Paul

Dean of Grammar School

Beverly Chapman

Director of Advancement

Stacie Workman

  K – 12th Counselor, IDLA Coordinator

Sherry Tiller

Business Manager

Larry Taylor

Athletic Director / On-Site IT Coordinator / Transportation Superintendent 

Lynnea Vance

Intervention Specialist

Charla Thomas

Secretary – Registrar

Grammar School

Carie Miller


Celeste Mays


Denise Hernandez

1st Grade

Jenny Myers

2nd Grade

Linda King

3rd Grade

Beth Sedlacek

4th Grade

Hannah Elroy

5th Grade

Ruben Rodriguez

Elementary Music

Nathan Freeman

Elementary PE

Upper School

Winona Allaire

Chemistry, Biology, Health, Anatomy & Physiology, 10th Grade Class Advisor

Hannah Antosh

Pre-Algebra, 8th Physical Sci., 7th Earth Sci., 6th Bible, 6th Life Sci, 6th Class Advisor

Loma Bittick

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculas, Personal Finance, Basic Engineering, 11th Class Advisor

Lynnette Boeder

6th Math, 7th & 8th Language Arts, 7th & 8th History, 6th Technology, 8th Class Advisor

Caleb Daniels

 10th, 11th, 12th Bible, 8th Biblical Reasoning, Film, 9th Grade Class Advisor

Tyler Hoaglun

 Government, US History, Geography, Ancient History, Career & Life Planning, PE Weight Training, PE Athletic Training, 12th Class Advisor.

Karen Miller

Activities Coordinator and Drama

Barbara Moore

Upper School English

MS and Sr. Rhedoric

Jerry Paul

 Photography and Guitar

Adam Pentz

Applied Math, 6th Lang. Arts, 6th History, 7th Bible, 8th Bible, MS Art, 7th Class Advisor

Ruben Rodriguez

MS & HS Band, MS & HS Choir, Geometry, 11th Grade Class Advisor

Preschool & Daycare

Gina Warren


Monica Williamson

Daycare and Pre-School

Lynn Hausler

Daycare & Preschool

Michelle Reed

Preschool & Daycare

Preschool & Daycare

School Staff

Debbie Comfort


Carrie Dalton


Wayne Chapman

Maintenance & Custodian

Ryu Ichikawa


Dave Myers


Mark Wilkins

Maintenance Director

Lori Biggs

Head Cook

Board of Trustees

GFA is governed by a Board of Trustees representing various Friends churches, other supporting churches, and the Academy’s alumni. Regular meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the school library. Unless closed for Executive business (dealing with confidential issues), these meetings are open to the public.

If you wish to speak to the Board, you should contact the Principal who will be happy to assist you. Call (208) 459-6346 to confirm meeting times or for additional information.

Sandi Hazen

Board Chair

Ken Hibbs

Finance Chair

Genevieve Kelly

Genevieve Kelly – Co-Secretary

Dave Dixon

Property, Maintenance, Transportation Chair

Nick Lehman

Board Member

Chris Browne

Head of School

Duane Barnes

Board Member

Ron Mulkey

Board Member